New App Design Features Coming October 27, 2015

new_app_themesI have great news for our current and future mobile app design customers! As of October 27, 2015 we’ll be introducing a number of new services and features for our app development service. The best part is even though we’re introducing an improved service, we are not raising the price! You can obtain an Android or iOS app for your organization/event for only $29 per month! Click here for more information.

Below is an overview of the new services we’re introducing:


iPhone Apps – In addition to Android, we’re now designing apps for iOS as well. With our service, you can now offer the same feature rich apps to your iPhone users that you offer to your customers that use Android.

Designs – New visually appealing designs that will make your apps stand-out.

Custom Forms/Applications – We can now better integrate practically any time of form/application into your app.

Backgrounds – New background options for you to choose from. As before, you can use a background of your choosing.

Icons – Brand new sets of icons for you to choose from. As before, you can use icons of your choosing.

App Optimization – Due to upgraded servers, your apps will now run much faster and smoother.



Shortly after the October 27th release of our new service features, we’ll be introducing the following:

Front Page Options – More customization options for your app’s Home page.

Custom Menus – More customization options for your menus.

Member Protected Apps – You can have an app that will require your users to log-in.

Shopify – We can hook directly into Shopify and you can have your own Shopify store in your app.

Periscope – Periscope is on the rise and will be another social network feed that we can integrate within your apps.

Click here for more information and/or to have us design an app for your organization or event.