Sammons, Walter (Inventor)

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simmons_walter_2_300x300Walter Sammons was born in 1890 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died in January 1973 from a heart attack. He was a famous African-American inventor who changed the way women look at their hair. He received a patent for the hot comb on December 21, 1920. Sammons said he designed the hot comb to get the “nappy” out of hair. His invention continues to improve women’s hair today.

The hot comb, which is also known as the pressing and straightening comb, is a metal comb that is used to straighten very curly hair. The hot comb creates a smooth texture when heated and combed through the hair. Sammons designed it to straighten the hair from root to tip. When the hot comb was first invented, it was heated on top of the stove. Today?s models are heated by electricity.

Hot combs have evolved into the ceramic flat irons that are commonly used today. Sammons originally designed the hot comb for the African-American community. It is now used all over the world by all different races. Women use it to achieve straighter, sleeker locks. It can also be used to create many different hairstyles. Straightening is particularly popular with women who have very curly hair.

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