How To Talk So People Listen – Make People Remember You

Written by keith
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How to talk so people listen. This video will focus on how to speak with authority and influence. Having people listen to you makes it easy to get the things you want. Dr. Tracey Marks.

Here are 3 ways to develop more charisma.

  1. Smile when you talk. Emotions are contagious, so let people catch something positive from you. People treat you differently when you smile. And the message comes across differently when you’re smiling than when you’re not.
  2. Be curious and interested in others. The way to find out things about people is to ask questions. Most people like talking about themselves. And they will respond positively to someone who gives them the opportunity to talk.
  3. Encourage and support others. People don’t want criticism, they crave support and affirmation.

Body Language

The goal of your body language should be to convey that you are important and open, interesting and interested.

Here are 5 ways to make that happen:

  1. Fill the space around you.
  2. Lean towards whomever you’re speaking to. You show interest in the other person by leaning in slightly.
  3. No fidgeting. You want to keep unnecessary movements to a minimum
  4. Slow down. Confident and commanding personalities tend to have slower motions. Nervous and harried people rush around.
  5. Practice mirroring. This is something that can happen naturally when two people talking are really in sync.

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