Clarity on Homosexuality and the Biblical Term “Abomination”

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Is Leviticus just offering advice about medical health? Is it identifying homosexual acts as sinful or just potentially unhealthy? Can calmly and carefully try to understand the passage in context? I hope so.

I think that the overall context of the passage makes its application pretty clear and even though our current culture tends to misunderstand this as condemning certain kinds of people instead of certain kinds of behavior we simply cannot be biblically faithful without standing our ground on this topic.

This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could.

I’ll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set.

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