Sample Thank You Letters

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documents2_300x300Interviewers usually interview a number of people before making the decision of “who gets the job”. Therefore, you want to keep the potential employer’s attention on YOU as the person to hire. One way to do this is with a Thank You Letter. Immediately after a job interview, write a thank you letter to the interviewer. If you’re not emailing the letter, be sure to get it in the mail the same evening so that it will get to him/her within the next day or so.

In the letter, thank the interviewer for meeting with you and reference some positive impressions about the company. In the second and last paragraph offer additional reasons why the employer should consider you for the position (that wasn’t mentioned during the interview), state the job title you are seeking, and show continued interest in the position.

Sample Thank You Letter

* Click here to view a sample thank you letter.


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