Knock knock..

pray19_300x300Q – Who’s there?
A – It’s God. Please invite me in.

Q – How could this be you? ‘m feeling stressed and overwhelmed right now. It couldn’t be you!
A – Yes, this is God showing up in your life today. Even though it doesn’t look like it or feel like it, I’m here showing up as a blessing disguised as work. I showed up today as an idea. I was that nudge to speak up and another time I was that nudge telling you to be quiet. Remember?

Q – You mean that was YOU when I was sitting there thinking I was alone and tired?
A – Yes, remember when you were annoyed? I was there reminding you to slow down and take a deep breath. Sometimes you move so fast and talk so much that you don’t hear my voice. I will continue to manifest and reveal myself through people, ideas, feelings and circumstances. All that comes your way that you think is good, may not really be good for you. All that comes your way that you think isso bad, could turn out to be a “blesson” for you.

Q – Was that you when I felt like I wanted to smile, speak and connect with someone, but I didn’t because I was afraid.
A – Yes, I was there prompting you to come out of your cave of isolation, fear and false judgment.

Q – I feel like I’m stuck between “When” and “Why” in my life. When will I have my breakthrough?
A – Your timing is not my timing. Don’t be fooled by these times of quick fixes and fast technology. Microwaves, e-mails, cell phones, overnight express mail, drive through fast food and air travel can make you think that your goals and dreams will happen fast too. There are no short cuts. Whether you are desiring deliverance
from: illness, addiction, grief, depression, financial struggles or weight loss, don’t give up. There is a process which requires time, sacrifice, focus, patience, learning and faith.

Q – I feel so inadequate and I don’t like my body weight and appearance. What can I do?
A – I know. I hear your self-talk all the time. It sounds so destructive and hurtful. Everything you say and think vibrates in my universe and returns back to you. Please begin to be gentle with yourself. I think you are beautiful and whole as you are. But if you know there is an area in your life where you can improve — then start today. Just be patient with yourself and know that beauty and acceptance starts within first.

Q – What do I do about my money and job frustrations?
A – Your discontentment is not to punish you but to push you. Let this discontentment lead to making a decision. Then follow through with a plan of action, perseverance, faith and courage. Remember, your health is your wealth. If you are poor in spirit and poor in health, it will be a challenge for you to maintain and grow in your career or business.

Q – What do I do with my guilt, shame, fears and procrastination? Is it too late for
A – The past has passed. Start today to walk with a purpose and with your head up. I know the plans I have for you. I have seen you struggle and I have seen your faith — sometimes weak and sometimes strong. I made this day for you to rejoice and be glad in. The enemy wants to hold you hostage to your past. But I want to pour my glory and strength into you. I know what you are capable of being, doing and having. You are so worthy. Please learn to let go and grow. I am always with you.

Q – How do I let go?
A – When you get tired of it or when you are inspired — you will let go. I AM able to give you exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ever ask or think — but
it’s according to the power within you.

Q – What is this power you speak of?
A – There is power in what you say, think and do. There is power in your instincts, intuition, ideas and intelligence. There is power in forgiveness. There is power in love, sharing and serving. There is power in what you believe and focus on. There is power in your faith in Me.

Q – I’m feeling better. When can we talk again?
A – Maybe it went in one ear and out the other — – but I’m always with you. Come here. L-i-s-t-e-n. I’m always with you — any where and any time. If you ever feel far from me, guess who moved? You can speak to me on the job, at home, in the hospital, standing in line at the bank, in the courtroom or on the plane. You don’t need any fancy words or fancy prayers. You don’t need credentials or a church building to reach me. I see you. I hear you. I know you. I love you. I dwell within you. I move and show up in mysterious ways. So keep your eyes, ears, heart and mind open.

Don’t put me in a box. Don’t be surprised when miracles, blessings, opportunities and favor show up in your life. I will speak to you through nature, music, people, ideas, books, poetry, silence and through the wisdom and testimonies of others.

I will continue being your shade in the heat, your lily in the valley, your peace in the storm, your shepherd, your strong high tower, your shield, your resting place, your provider, your peace and your protection. Let your light shine my child because you are blessed.

Inspired Q & A written by Jewel Diamond Taylor

Special thanks to Borogirl05 for sending this to us.