Why I’m Suing YouTube. (Business Casual)

Written by keith
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This is a true story – a story about YouTube’s intentional efforts to undermine the United States of America in collusion with the Russian government. It’s also a story about copyright infringement — and YouTube’s willful blindness to bad actors who openly admit to filing patently fraudulent DMCA counter-notifications to avoid the termination of their accounts.

In this video, Business Casual’s CEO, Alex Edson, exposes YouTube for turning a blind eye to brazen, repeated, and obvious infringements of Business Casual’s copyrighted videos.

In this video, you will see how YouTube has acted, and continues to act, at the direction of the Kremlin… even if it means violating YouTube’s Rules & Policies in the process.

YouTube has severely underestimated the intelligence of the Honorable Judge Koeltl.

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