What is the Hallel? Jewish Prayer of Praise

Hallel is a Jewish prayer that is recited in community as an act of praise and gratitude.

Hallel literally translates as “praise” and it is a way of expressing profound collective gratitude and praise to G-d. The Jewish prayer is comprised of five different psalms that all evoke imagines of transition, evolution and growth. First psalm is all about G-d’s power as creator. The second psalm evokes the historical experience of the Exodus where the Israelites experienced freedom for the first time from their Egyptian oppressors. The Exodus is the first instance of the Hallel. In the third psalm, we see a shift as the words center on the debt we owe G-d for saving us. The fourth psalm expresses joy appreciation and humility we feel towards G-d and the whole around us. The last psalm weaves together gratitude, memory and request.