What is the Ashrei? Understanding Jewish Prayer

The Ashrei is one of the most fundamental prayers in the Jewish prayer service. Learn what it is, how it is constructed and what it means in this short explainer video. Great for students, educators and those new to regular Jewish prayer.

The Ashrei prayer is recited at least 3 times a day at synagogues and Jewish communities throughout the world. It consists primarily of Psalms 145, with verses from Psalm 84 and 114 added at the beginning and Psalm 115 added at the end. The first two verses mention the word “ashei” multiple times which means happy in Hebrew, hence the name of the prayer. Psalm 145 includes a list of 21 blessings, each beginning with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This prayer conveys many ways to bless G-d and for many, it can become a powerful meditation. Learn more about the Jewish prayer service here: https://bimbam.com/prayers-blessings