This Week In Tech: Google Buys Fitbit, AirPods, Apple TV (Episode 743)

Google Buys Fitbit. Will this be like Google buying HTC, or like Fitbit buying Pebble? Apple hires a new smart home team. Can they catch up with Amazon and Google? Can they fix what is wrong with HomeKit? AirPods Pro review – the best earbuds we’ve ever worn. However, they are pricy, and they’re still earbuds, with all the issues that come with that.

AppleTV+ launches. Can an Aaron Sorkin wanna-be, wacky Emily Dickinson, and sexy blind people win the streaming wars? NBC’s Peacock TV may be free with ads when it launches in April. HBO Max launches in May for $15. Will it finally kill cable? Twitter bans political ads. Facebook thinks they are just fine, even if they lie. How will Twitter figure out what is a political issue? Does Mark Zuckerberg really think “Lying is bad?”