Tech News Today: Episode 1623 (Video)

Google is working on a new TV service that will be found within the YouTube platform, and it’s expected to premiere in early 2017. Apple sends invitations to journalists for an event in Cupertino next week on October 27th. T-mobile is on the hook for $7.5 million to the government, along with $35.5 million worth of data and discounts for affected customers.

Today, the tech media remembers David Bunnell founder of PC Magazine, PC World, and MacWorld, who died last night at his home in Berkeley, California. He was 69 years old. And Tesla announced that it is bringing full self-driving capabilities to all of its new cars with hardware that includes 8 cameras, 360 degrees of view, and 820 feet of vision. Hosted by Megan Morrone, Jason Howell. Guests: Iain Thomson, Russell Brandom.

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