Sudan In 360: We Who Remain (Video / Documentary)

An immersive journey into a forgotten conflict in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. Experience the conflict through the lives of four people with unique perspectives on the war, including a student, a rebel fighter, a mother and a journalist.


PART 01 – A History Of Sudan’s Civil Wars & Conflict

This is the story of how Sudan became two nations, and of an ongoing conflict in the Nuba Mountains that has changed the lives of millions of people.



PART 02 – Inside The Lives Of Nuba’s Rebel Fighters

After years of discrimination and violence from the Sudanese government, some in the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan have chosen to fight back.



PART 03 – How Schoolchildren Are Surviving The Nuba Conflict

Students in the Nuba Mountains must brave relentless bombings on their way to school if they want to continue their education. Jordania, a student, explains why she is determined to finish her education in this war-torn region of Sudan, and tells the story of one terrifying event that happened to her while walking to school.



PART 04 – Meet The Sudanese Journalists Risking Their Lives To Cover War

Journalists have been banned in the Nuba Mountains, a war-torn region of Sudan, but one reporter refuses to leave.



PART 05 – The Families Being Torn Apart By The Nuba Conflict

Relentless bombings in the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan have forced civilians there to hide in caves. Hear the story of Hanan, a mother trying to protect her children from the bombs, as part of our VR series, We Who Remain, following the lives of four people living through the war.