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In God’s loving care, I learn and grow with each new day.
pray20_300x300As I pause for a few prayerful moments and reflect upon my life, I realize how blessed I have been :idea: I thank God for the love I have shared, the times I have enjoyed, the blessings I have given and received, the opportunities I have had to learn and to grow  [-o<

Whether I consider each choice I have made along the way as the best, my life has been an incredible journey. I forgive myself and others for past missteps, and I ask God to guide me forward with understanding and grace.

Prayerful reflection is my launching pad to new discoveries. I have gained insight from the past that guides me in this present moment. Through reflection, I’m ready to be a more powerful expression of Divine Love with each new day:wink:

Behold, God is mine helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul.
Psalm 54:4


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