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Learn NY is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that each of New York City’s students receives a high-quality education. We believe in an education governance system that provides our schools with accountability and efficiency, so that our children have a chance at a brighter future.

In 2002, the state legislature voted to abolish the Board of Education and put the mayor in charge of the city’s schools. Since then, a series of reforms have led to real and measurable progress. Classes are smaller. Schools are safer. Test scores are up. Graduation rates are higher. And in the six years since mayoral control was implemented, the 1.1 million students who attend our public schools, their parents, and their teachers have seen the dramatic difference that comes with real accountability.

* We believe in complete accountability, which is only possible if the mayor has full authority over policy and budget. We do not support proposals that undermine accountability by dividing authority across multiple entities.

* We believe there should be more notice and clearly defined opportunities for parent input and community consultation regarding policy and programmatic initiatives. We also believe parents deserve ready access to information regarding their child’s performance and school, and individualized assistance navigating the system.

* We support objective, independent analysis of performance data to help guide policy and future investment in the education system.

* We support greater financial transparency through audits, either at the City or State level, to ensure that money is spent effectively to support children and learning.

You can learn more about Mayoral Control at our website www.learn-ny.org, read what others are saying at www.learn-ny.org/Viewpoints, or follow our blog at http://www.learn-ny.org/Blog.


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