Machine Guns And Stupid Choices (Videos)

Written by keith
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As many of us are already aware, on Saturday in Atlanta, rapper T.I. – real name Clifford Harris – was arrested on federal gun charges just hours before he was scheduled to perform at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Reportedly, his bodyguard-turned-informant delivered two silencers and three machine guns to 27-year-old T.I. Authorities claim that T.I. gave his bodyguard $12,000 to buy the weapons, which T.I. is not allowed to own because he is a convicted felon.

Published reports state that the sting occurred after T.I.’s bodyguard was arrested purchasing the machine guns and silencers from an undercover Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent last Wednesday… The bodyguard then agreed to cooperate with the ATF. reported that “the guns were not registered on the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record as required by law. The bodyguard — who has worked for Harris since July — told authorities he had bought about nine guns for the rap star in the past.” In addition, the article states T.I. “arranged for the bodyguard to pick up $12,000 in cash from a bank to buy the guns. After his arrest, the bodyguard made phone calls to Harris, which authorities recorded.”

In the video below, Jay Smooth from explains why what many call “stupid choices” occurs with many of our youth.

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