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health_300x300In humans, health is the general condition of a person’s mind and body, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain. Being healthy is important because it helps you to live a happier, longer life. When you are healthy and take care of your body, there is less of a chance that you will be plagued with problems and illnesses down the line. Achieving and maintaining health is an ongoing process. Below are a number of resources on this site to help our visitors/members stay informed. The content include videos and info on exercises, STD’s, drugs, health insurance, Obamacare (American Care Act), and much more.

Health Related Videos and Articles
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A Heart Attack? - 3D Animation (Video)
A Knee Replacement - 3D Animation (Video)
A Map Of The Brain (Video)
A Virus - Introduction / Explanation (Video)
Affordable Care Act / Obamacare
Aging: The Science Behind It (Video)
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America's Most Abused Drugs (Video)
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Cells - Introduction / Explanation (Video)
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Children: Early Signs Of Learning Problems (Video)
Congestive Heart Failure - 3D Animation (Video)
Date Rape (Video)
Diabetes: 10 Ways To Know If You Have It
DNA - Introduction / Explanation (Video)
Drugs / Substance Abuse
Exercise / Workout Videos
Farts / Flatulence (Video)
Fetuses, Do They Poop? (Video)
Five Common AIDS / HIV Myths That Need To Be Busted
Five Risks You Should Know About Blood Transfusions
Four Natural Cold Remedies That Work!
Fresh vs. Frozen Food (Video)
Genital Skin Issues: Her (Video)
Genital Skin Issues: Him (Video)
Gum / Periodontal Disease
Hair Loss / Balding - The Science Behind It (Video)
Health Insurance Basics (Video)
Health Insurance Plans: How To Understand Them
Is It OK To Kiss With A Cold Sore? (Video)
Jock Itch: Causes And Cures (Video)
Nutritional Content Of Various Foods
Painkiller Addiction (Video)
Peppermint Does More Than Just Settle An Upset Tummy
Pregnancy Basics: Month By Month (Video)
Ringworm: Facts And Myths (Video)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's)
Skin: What Is It For? (Video)
Smoking: Secondhand Smoke... Dangers To Children
Smoking: The Damage It Does To Your Body
Stress: Can It Kill You? (Video)
Teen Pregnancy
Ten Facts About Poop / Feces (Video)
Ten Worst Breakfast Cereals To Feed Your Children
Term And Whole Life Insurance Policies (Video)
The Tobacco Body: Interactive Website Shows What Smoking...
Too Much Sitting Can Be Dangerous To Your Health
Top 10 "Healthy" Foods That Should Be Avoided
Unseeable Biology - An Animation (Video)
Weight Loss Diet: 7 Steps That Cost You Nothing