Gigabit Internet Service Coming To Seattle

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internet_300x300Gigabit Squared this week revealed how much Seattle residents should expect to pay for its ultra-fast gigabit Internet service.

The company will offer three service plan options. Those who want the best of the best should opt for Plan C, the fastest service tier, which offers 1000 Mbps download and 1000 Mbps upload for $80 a month. Plan B, meanwhile, offers 100 download and 100 upload Mbps for $45 per month. With both plans, customers can have the one-time activation fee of $350 waived by signing a one-year contract.

If both of those options sound too pricey, Seattle customers can opt for Plan A, which offers 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload for free for the first five years, after the $350 installation fee. After 60 months, users on this tier can convert to a 10 Mbps download/10Mbps upload plan for $10 per month.

Though $80 a month might sound like a lot, it’s actually cheaper than what some in the area are currently paying for Comcast Internet, according to The Seattle Times. The cable giant charges around $105 per month for its fastest residential service in Seattle.

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