Chris Gotti on Relationship w/ Supreme, Beating Fed Case & More (Video)

As we all know, Murder Inc. faced legal drama in 2005 when they were charged with money laundering for drug kingpin, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. Later, Chris Gotti and Irv Gotti would face serious legal battles and would have to leave their fate in the hands of a grand jury, which fortunately handed them a “not guilty” verdict. Though vindicated, Chris still stands by their innocence and tells DJ Vlad that they only contributed financially, along with other prominent celebrities such as, Jay Z, DMX, Ice T, and Universal’s Lyor Cohen’s leadership.

While Universal was dragged into the legal war, Chris denies ever forcing the massive company to cut a check for Supreme’s movie Crime Partners and reveals that the label wanted them to hand over everything due to the extreme circumstances. “If we went to jail, they would own everything. If we didn’t go to jail, we would retain everything.”

[Adult Language Is Used – Parental Discretion Is Advised]