All New Design And Features

After a 7 month or so hiatus, I’m back to getting this website going again. As you may have noticed, I already introduced a temporary redesign of the site.  The previous design was very old… was initially put in place about 3 years ago.  I quickly added this design to make browsing easier until the final look is in place.

In addition to giving the website a new look and feel, I’ll also be adding the long promised new Arcade section.  With the death of the Flash plugin, I had to remove the old Arcade from the website.  There was also integration issues once I changed the underlying platform that our website utilized.

In case anyone was wondering, the long hiatus from was due to me getting my app design service and website going.  My app design website is

That’s it for now… Expect to see the website in a chaotic state during certain periods over the next cuple of days. Afterwards, all will be well 😉