25 Things The President Of The United States CAN Actually Do (Video)

If some of these things seem like they might be in conflict at times with what the President of the United States can’t do, well, that’s the point. Checks and balances. The Government is made up of three branches – Executive (POTUS), Legislative (Congress), and Judicial (SCOTUS).

No one has a magic button to do what they want. While this may seem like it creates a lot of pointless red tape and infighting, it also keeps the Republic running and not turning into an Oligarchy. So before you hate Obama/Bush/Clinton/Reagan, remember, the President takes most of the blame when everything goes wrong, and very little praise when it goes right.

If you’re reading this list – or our previous list 25 Things The President Can’t Actually Do – and saying to yourself “But so and so is stepping / stepped out of bounds!” remember, it’s up to the other two branches of government to keep the president in check. A failing on one part of the government is also a failing on the other two parts of government. A three legged stool cannot balance with one or two legs. Here are 25 Things The President Of The United States CAN Actually Do.