This Week In Tech: Apple, CIA Unmasked, Google… (Video)

Apple announces new MacBook Air and Mac Mini, then blows them both away with its new iPad Pro; Apple will no longer tell us how many iPhones it sells; How to kill an iPhone with a balloon; Iran unmasks dozens of CIA agents with a Google search; Google employees stage walkout over sexual harassmen; Amazon exec mad at Washington Post for leaking new headquarters location; Facebook targets ads at “White Genocide Conspiracy Theorists; Voter suppression on Twitter, and IRL in Georgia; Passcodes are officially protected by the fifth amendment (at least in Florida, and only in some cases); Senator proposes a bill that would jail tech CEOs for misusing consumer data; FCC says community broadband is an “ominous threat to the first amendment.”¬†Guests: Brian McCullough, Iain Thomson, Mike Elgan; Hosted by Leo Laporte.