Todt Hill, Staten Island (History)

neighborhoods_staten_island_todt_hill_300x300Todt Hill [elevation 410 ft (125 m)] is a hill formed of serpentine rock on Staten Island, New York. It is the highest natural point in the five boroughs of New York City and the highest elevation on the entire Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Cape Cod. The summit of the ridge is largely covered in woodlands as part of the Staten Island Greenbelt, although much of the surrounding area is developed and residential. It is considered one of the most exclusive and most expensive areas of Staten Island.



Todt Hill consists of the two census tracts 177 and 181 (though census tract 177 incorporates part of Emerson Hill). According to the 2010 census (, the demographics of Todt Hill were 80% Nonhispanic White, 1% Black, 11% Asian, and 1% Multiracial. Hispanics of any race made up 7% of the population. The median household income of the area is roughly $120,000.