Starrett City, Brooklyn (History)

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(Neighborhoods In Brooklyn)

Starrett City is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Starrett City opened in 1974, and in 2002, changed its name to the Spring Creek Towers. The neighborhood is part of Brooklyn Community Board 5. Starrett City is patrolled by the NYPD’s 75th Precinct.

Starrett City spans over 153 acres (0.62 km2) and has 5,881 apartment units in 46 buildings.

It has eight “sections” each including several buildings, its own field, recreational area (jungle gym, park, handball court, basketball court) and a parking garage for residents in that section. These sections are Ardsley, Bethel, Croton, Delmar, Elmira, Freeport, Geneva, and Hornell; each named after municipalities in upstate New York (except for Freeport, which is on Long Island). Each building has between 11 and 20 floors, with eight apartments on most floors. All of the apartment buildings have a street address as well as a building name consisting of one letter from A-H, and one number from 1-8. In this case, A5 would refer to the fifth building of Ardsley Loop.

Starrett City is a very diverse neighborhood. With its many grassy fields, Fresh Creek, and Spring Creek Towers Shopping Center, it is different in landscape, community, and neighborhood life than other regions of Brooklyn. The community has its own newspaper known as the Spring Creek Sun.


As of the 2000 U.S. Census, there were 14,620 people living in Starett City. The demographics of Starett City were 44.7% African American, 38.0% White, 18.4% Hispanic or Latino and 4.1% Asian. As of 2000, the median household income was $16,919.

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