Edenwald, The Bronx (History)

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(Neighborhoods In The Bronx)

edenwaldEdenwald located in the northeast section of The Bronx, a borough of New York City, is the area north of Baychester, south of Wakefield, east of Bronxwood, and west of Boston Road and “the valley”, a sub-neighborhood of Eastchester. Edenwald includes the Edenwald Projects, the largest housing development in the Bronx as well as the Baychester Projects, and the area north to Edenwald Avenue. Major roads include, East 233, Baychester Avenue, Bronxwood Avenue, Edenwald Avenue, Laconia, and brief openings on Eastchester and Boston Roads. Edenwald is also home to the 47th precinct of the New York City Police Department, and Cardinal Spellman High School.

Edenwald Houses, is the largest New York City Housing Authority development in the Bronx, with forty buildings, 3 and 14-stories tall on 48.88-acres. It has 2,034 apartments housing about 5,450 people. Completed on October 15, 1953 it is bordered by Grenada Place, East 225th Street, Baychester and Laconia Avenues.

Edenwald Projects is divided into two parts, the northside and the southside, which are split by East 229th street. Bordering the southside is the Edenwald Community Center, which provides after school care and programs for the youth. During the summer, the center hosts a summer program for kids and jobs for pre-teens.

During the summer, Edenwald Projects holds its annual family day, known as Edenwald Day. The day is celebrated with people old and young getting together and having fun. Edenwald Day is ended with a long-running basketball game, the northide vs. the southside, and the oldtimers game.

Schools Edenwald students from grades Pre-K to 5th grade attend one of two schools, P.S 111 or P.S. 112. Grades 6th to 8th attend John Philip Sousa (I.S. 142).

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