Nriagu, Jerome (Geochemist)

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Nriagu got his degrees from the Universities of Ibadan, Nigeria (BSc and meritorious DSc), MS (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and PhD (University of Toronto, Canada). His research and teaching programs center around three main issues: sources, behavior, fate and effects of metals in the natural and contaminated environments; environmental injustice; and environmental health problems in the developing countries. He has been involved in global health research and training in many countries. He has published over 300 scientific articles (including 16 in Nature and Science journals), authored/edited 30 books and one encyclopedia of five volumes. He is listed as one of the most cited scientists in the fields of Environmental Studies and Ecology. Before joining the University of Michigan in 1993, he was a senior research scientist with Environment Canada in Ontario.

Prof. Nriagu was Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Science of the Total Environment and Founding Editor of the journal Global Health Perspectives (soon to be launched). Prof. Nriagu is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and has received a Senior Fulbright Fellowship and the Alexander van Humboldt Distinguished Research Prize. His work in Qatar will be on the program “Environmental Chemistry and Health” and it will focus on exposure assessment and characterization of risks associated with trace metals/metalloids from the energy sector in particular and the local environment in general – through combining human biomonitoring with environmental epidemiologic studies.

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