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downloads_300x300phpBB Simple Audio Player Mod

Adds a simple Audio Player to your phpBB website. Admins will be able to upload (via FTP) songs, podcasts, etc. that their members can then listen to. The mod utilizes the flash mp3 player from

* Clean, easy to use user interface.
* Optional edit to make Audio Player for members only.
* Standard player controls.
* Forms playlist automatically .
* Customizable design.
* Fully resizable.
* Autoplay option.
* Autoresume option.
* Uses the page background of the phpBB style you’re using.

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phpBB Simple Audio Player Mod – Audio Bible Files

If you want an Online Audio Bible for your phpBB forum, simply use this mod with the audio files below. The files are in MP3 format and appropriately named. Once uploaded to the “audioplayer_files” folder (as stated in the install file), the mod will automatically group the files into their respective Bible books (and in the correct order).

King James Version – Old English is used but more accurate Bible translation.

New International Version – New English is used but less accurate Bible translation.

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phpBB Simple Online Bible Mod

Adds an Online Bible page to your phpBB website. Your members will be able to search and read all books of the New and Old Testament in the Bible (without leaving your site). The mod utilizes the bible script by Religion Resources Online and a phpBB custom page. As a result, the Bible page will automatically posses the style that your Forum is using.

* Easy to install. No database changes.
* Clean easy to use user interface.
* HTML5 / Mobile Friendly
* Ability to search via keywords, phrases, verses, etc.
* Easily compare verses among the various available versions.
* Posses ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ Chapter links for easy reading.
* Summaries of Bible sections that helps the reader know what the groups of verses are about.
* Bible page displays “Who’s Online” info.
* Subsilver2 support.
* Contains all books of the Bible from the New and Old Testament.
* Pre-installed with the following Bible versions: King James Version (KJV), New American Standard (NASB), English Standard Version (ESV), and New International Version (NIV)

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phpBB Simple Weather Mod

Adds a weather page to your phpBB website. The mod utilizes phpBB custom pages and the weather script from Since the mod uses a phpBB custom page, the weather page will automatically posses the style that your Forum is using (including the overall_header).

* 7-Day Weather Forecast for your City
* Utilizes phpBB Custom Pages (retains the phpBB style that is in use)
* Subsilver2 Support
* Displays “Who’s Online” info
* Ability to edit colors of weather display (background and text) to match your website
* Optional edit to make weather page for members only.

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phpBB YouTube Videos Mod

Adds a YouTube Videos page to your phpBB website. Your members will be able to view and search any/all of the videos on YouTube, and create a custom playlist from the results. Playlists are created by simply dragging and dropping video thumbnails to a box. The mod utilizes YouTube’s video API, Quvic search engine, MOVYX video browser, and Tyzen’s YouTube script.

* Easy to install. No database changes.
* View and search all video on YouTube (without leaving your site).
* Create custom playlist by dragging and dropping video thumbnails.
* Tags that generate videos of popular search terms.
* Hot Trends videos that automatically update from YouTube.
* Ability to add/load videos from a specific User on YouTube.
* Ability to add/load videos from a specific YouTube Playlist.
* Clean easy to use user interface.
* Displays “Who’s Online” info.
* Displays “View Online” info.
* Subsilver2 support.
* Search results appear without having to leave or reload the page.
* Search results stay on the screen even when viewing the video (so you don’t have to search again).
* Thumbnail display of video’s playback time (shown on search results thumbnails).
* Displays the number of results in your video search.
* Easily navigate through the search results using “Next” and “Back” buttons.
* Quick links for Recently Featured, Top Rated, Most Viewed and Most Popular videos.
* Embed and link options appear once video stop playing.

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