Boahen, Kwabena (Bioengineer)

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boahen_kwabena_300x300Kwabena Boahen is a professor of bioengineering at Stanford University.He previously taught at the University of Pennsylvania.
During his eight years at the University of Pennsylvania, he developed a silicon retina that was able to process images in the same manner as a living retina. He confirmed the results by comparing the electrical signals from his silicon retina to the electrical signals produced by a salamander eye while the two retinas were looking at the same image. Boahen earned his bachelors and masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD from Caltech.

His research interests include mixed-mode multichip VLSI models of biological sensory and perceptual systems, their epigenetic development, and asynchronous digital communication for reconfigurable connectivity. Dr. Boahen is the recipient of the NSF Career Award, Packard Foundation Fellowship, and the Office of Naval Research’s Young Investigator Program Award

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