African American / Black History: Inventors And Other Famous People

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African Americans, also referred to as Black Americans or Afro-Americans, are citizens or residents of the United States who have total or partial ancestry from any of the native populations of Sub-Saharan Africa.

African Americans constitute the second largest racial and ethnic minority in the United States. Most African Americans are of West and Central African descent and are descendants of enslaved blacks within the boundaries of the present United States. However, some immigrants from African, Caribbean, Central American, and South American nations, and their descendants, may be identified or self-identify with the term.

Inspite of the various hardships suffered through slavery, the civil rights era, etc., many African Americans managed to become great scientists, thinkers and inventors. Below is a list of numerous Black inventors, famous African African Americans, and other information on Blacks.

Aaron, Hank (Baseball Player)
Alcorn, George Edward, Jr. (Physicist And Inventor)
Ali, Muhammad (Boxer)
Ammons, Virgie (Inventor)
Amos, Harold (Microbiologist)
Anderson, Marian (Operatic And Concert Singer)
Andrews, James J. (Mathematician)
Angelou Mya (Poet, Author And Civil Rights Activist)
Armstrong, Louis (JazzArmstrong, Louis (Jazz Trumpeter And Singer)
Bailey, L.C. (Inventor)
Baker, Josephine (Entertainer, War Heroine & Civil Rights..)
Ball, Alice Augusta (Chemist)
Banneker, Benjamin(Mathematician, Astornomer, Inventor, And
Banyaga, Augustin (Mathematician)
Baraka, Amiri (Poet, Author, Activist And More)
Bath, Patricia (Ophthalmologist)
Beard, Andrew (Farmer, Carpenter Inventor And More)
Bell, Earl S. (Inventor, Architect, Entrepreneur And More)
Benjamin, Miriam (Inventor And Educator)
Berry, Leonidas (Gastroenterologist)
Bharucha-Reid, Albert T. (Mathematician And Statistician)
Biggie Smalls / The Notorious B.I.G. (Hip Hop Artist)
Black, Keith (Neurosurgeon)
Blackwell, David (Mathematician And Statistician)
Blair, Henry (Inventor)
Boahen, Kwabena (Bioengineer)
Booker, James (Piano Player)
Boone, Sarah (Inventor)
Bouchet, Edward (Physicist)
Bowman, James (Physician)
Boykin, Otis (Inventor And Engineer)
Brady, St. Elmo (Chemist)
Branson, Herman (Physicist And Educator)
Brazil, Bobo (Professional Wrestler)
Briscoe, Marlin (Football Player)
Brooks, Charles (Inventor)
Brooks, Phil (Inventor)
Brown, James (Singer, Song-Writer, Entertainer & More)
Brown, Jim (Football Player)
Bumbry, Grace (Opera Singer)
Burr, John Albert (Inventor)
Cardozo, P. William (Pediatrician)
Carlos, John (Professional Runner)
Carson, Ben (Pediatric Neurosurgeon)
Carver, George Washington (Botanical Researcher)
Chappelle, Emmett (Scientist And Researcher)
Charles, Ray (Singer, Pianist)
Clark, Kenneth (Psychologist)
Clark, Mamie (Psychologist)
Crosthwait, David, Jr. (Research Engineer)
Dabiri, John (Biophysicist)
Daly, Marie Maynard (Chemist)
Davis, Anthony (Composer)
Davis, Ernie (Football Player)
Davis, Miles (Jazz Musician And Trumpeter)
Dean, Mark (Computer Scientist)
Drew, Charles (Medical Researcher)
Dubois, William Edward Burghardt (Educator, Author, Philosopher And More)
Easley, Annie (Computer Scientist)
Ejeta, Gebisa (Geneticist)
Ejigu, Kitaw (Systems Engineer)
Ellis, Skip (Clarence) (Computer Scientist)
Ezerioha, Bisi (Automotive Engineer)
Ferguson, Lloyd Noel (Chemist And Educator)
Fitzgerald, Ella (Singer)
Franklin, Aretha (Singer)
Franklin, Kirk (Singer, Song Writer, Musician)
Fryer, Roland G., Jr. (Economist, Statistician And More)
Gaines, Matthew (Former Slave, Minister, And State Senator)
Garvey, Marcus Mosiah (Black Nationalist And Pan-African Theorist)
Gates, Sylvester James (Theoretical Physicist)
Gay, Marvin (R&B Singer)
Gibson, Althea (Tennis Player)
Gibson, Bob (Baseball Player)
Gilbert, Juan E. (Computer Scientist)
Gillespie, Dizzie (Jazz Musician)
Goode, Sarah E. (Inventor)
Graves, Joseph L. (Evolutionary Biologist)
Green, Al (R&B Singer)
Greenaugh, Kevin (Nuclear Engineer)
Griffin, Bessie Blount (Physical Therapist And Inventor)
Haile, Sossina M. (Engineer)
Haile-Selassie, Yohannes (Paleoanthropologist)
Haley, Alex (Author)
Hall, Lloyd (Chemist)
Hamilton, Virginia (Author)
Harris, James A.
Hawkins, Walter Lincoln (Scientist)
Hendrix, Jimmy (Guitarist)
Henry Brown (Inventor)
Hodge, John E. (Chemist)
Holiday, Billie (Jazz Singer)
Holley, Kerrie (Research Computer Scientist)
Hope, Akua Lezli (Poet, Writer, And More)
Horne, Lena (Singer)
Houston, Whitney (Singer)
Hughes, Langston (Poet, Essayist, Novelist, Playwright And More)
Hurston, Zora Neale (Author)
Jackson, Janet (Singer, Song-Writer, Entertainer)
Jackson, Michael (Singer, Song-Writer, Entertainer And More)
Jackson, Rev. Jesse L. Sr. (Civil Rights Activist)
Janet Bashen (Inventor, Entrepreneur, And More)
Jarvis, Erich (Neurobiologist)
Johnson, Earvin “Magic” (Basketball Player)
Johnson, Isaac (Inventor)
Johnson, Jack (Boxer)
Johnson, Lonnie (Mechanical & Nuclear Engineer & Imventor)
Jones, Frederick Mckinley (Inventor)
Jones, Quincy (Music)
Jordan, Barbara (Congresswoman, Educator, And Constitutionalist)
Jordan, Michael (Basketball Player)
Julian, Percy (Chemist)
Just, Ernest (Woods Hole Marine Biology Institute Biologist)
King, Bb (Guitarist)
King, Martin Luther Jr. (Civil Rights Activist)
Kittles, Rick (Geneticist)
Knight, Gladys (Singer)
Kountz, Samuel L. (Transplant Surgeon And Researcher)
Latimer, Lewis (Inventor, Expert Witness And Drafsman)
Lawson, Jerry (Computer Engineer)
Lee, Raphael (Surgeon And Biomedical Engineer)
Lee, Spike (Director, Actor And More)
Leonard, Sugar Ray (Boxer)
Leslie, Lisa (Basketball Player)
Lynk, Beebe Steven (Chemist)
Marley, Bob (Song-Writer, Musician, Singer & More)
Matzeliger, Jan (Inventor)
McBay, Henry (Chemist)
McCann, Les (Jazz Musician)
Mccoy, Elijah (Inventor)
McLurkin, James (Roboticist)
McWhorter, John (Linguist)
Montgomery, Benjamin (Inventor)
Moon, Warren (Football Player)
Morgan, Garrett (Inventor)
Morrison, Toni (Author)
Nmezi, Murphy (Physician/Biostatistician)
Nriagu, Jerome (Geochemist)
Obama, Barack (President Of The United States)
Ogbu, John Uzo (Anthropologist)
Olukotun, Kunle (Computer Scientist)
Oubre, Alondra (Medical Anthropologist And Author)
Owens, Jesse (Professional Runner)
Oyekan, Soni (Chemical Engineer)
Petters, Arlie (Physicist)
Poindexter, Hildrus (Bacteriologist And Epidemiologist)
Poitier, Sidney (Actor)
Powell, Colin L. (Secretary Of State And More)
Prince (Musician, Song-Writer And More)
Quarterman, Lloyd Albert (Scientist And Fluoride Chemist)
Renfroe, Earl (Orthodontist)
Rice, Condoleezza Dr. (Secretary Of State)
Rillieux, Norbert (Engineer And Inventor)
Robinson, Jackie (Baseball Player)
Robinson, Larry (Environmental Chemist)
Rudolph, Wilma (Professional Runner)
Russell, Bill (Basketball Player)
Russell, Jesse (Engineer And Inventor)
Sammons, Walter (Inventor)
Smith, Bessie (Singer, Performer)
Smith, Tommy (Professional Runner)
Snyder, Window (Computer Engineer)
Sowell, Thomas (Economist And Social Scientist)
Steele, Claude (Psychologist And Social Scientist)
Stiff, Lee (Mathematician)
Temple, Lewis (Inventor, Blacksmith And Abolitionist)
Thomas, Clarence (Justice Of The Supreme Court)
Thomas, Debi (Ice Skater)
Thomas, Vivien (Surgical Technician)
Tupac Shakur / 2Pac (Hip Hop Artist)
Turner, Charles Henry (Zoologist)
Turner, Tina (Singer, Entertainer)
Tyson, Mike (Boxer)
Tyson, Neil Degrasse (Astronomer)
Walcott, Derek (Poet And Playwright)
Walker, Arthur B. C., Jr. (Astronomer)
Walker, C. J. (Inventor)
Washington, Denzel (Actor)
Washington, Warren M. (Atmospheric Scientist)
West, James E. (Acoustician And Inventor)
Wilkins, J. Ernest, Jr. (Mathematician, Engineer And Nuclear
Wilkins, Roy (Civil Rights Leader)
Williams, Daniel (Surgeon)
Williams, Scott W. (Mathematician)
Williams, Walter E. (Economist And Social Scientist)
Winfrey, Oprah (Media Proprietor, Talk Show Host, Philanthropist
Wonder, Stevie (Singer, Pianist)
Woods, Eldrick Tont “Tiger” (Pro Golfer)
Woods, Granville (Inventor)
Woodson, Carter Godwin (Educator And Philosopher)
Wright, Louis T. (Surgeon)
X, Malcolm / El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Human Rights Activist)
Young, Roger Arliner (Zoologist)

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