About Us

15_urbanareas_app_icon_300x300Founded by Keith Canady, the mission of UrbanAreas.net is to empower urban communities to effectively make use of the internet by providing the resources and tools that they need to be successful. We post daily information to educate minds, improve lives socially, and build people up spiritually.

Our vision is to assist in putting all urban neighborhoods throughout New York City online, and provide the services to help improve their life and/or the lives of others. While visiting UrbanAreas.net, visitors can take online courses, play games, utilize business tools, and much more!

Hands-down, we are one of the most resourceful community websites on the Internet. Some of the services we provide include educational & career, lifestyle, social & housing information, and we allow businesses and organizations located in NYC to have a free page on this site to promote their location, products, and services.

Our objectives include an easy to use application, useful tools and resources, putting inner-city neighborhoods online, entertaining website features, and offering professional web & mobile design services.

Special thanks to the following people that help and/or has helped with the development of this website in one form or another: Jalen C., Janequa M., Jayvonn C., Kim S., Quanay M., Quenell M., Skylar C., Decima C., and Tanequa C.


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